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The Tree Of Objects

Two wandering strangers discover a tree of random household objects. They decide to settle, only to learn of each other's presence. Their inability to communicate triggers a series of misunderstandings that erupts in confrontation. Ironically, this teaches them to celebrate their differences and unlocks the magic of the tree of objects.


The Tree of Objects is a bilingual, music and theatrical production celebrating diversity, raising awareness of climate change, and encouraging ingenuity to alleviate this global crisis. We do this through recycling and prolonging the shelf life of objects.


90% of the set, costume and props are made from found objects and donations.

The Tree of Objects (work-in-progress) was presented at Jacksons Lane on 9Feb 2020 with support from Chinese Arts Now, during CAN'20, London.

Devised & Performed by

Natalie B. Wong & Arthur Astier


Director: Natalie B. Wong
Music: Arthur Astier
Spatial Design: Mona Camille
Lighting Design: Nao Nagai
Project Manager: Nur Khairiyah bte Ramli

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An Ongoing Project


A show about HOME & IDENTITY – an exploration of the self and the other in an attempt to define home.


We are creating a cross-disciplinary performance in 9 vignettes that explores the journey of identity to better understand what defines us and how we define ourselves, our roles within community and society thereby establishing the notion of home. We take particular interest in the modern movement of transnationalism and performing against the backdrop of cosmopolitan London.

CALYPSO is a performance installation, a part of a  9 vignettes devised piece that forms AN ODYSSEY.

On an island far away from home, Odysseus becomes lover to Calypso for seven years.
If Odysseus wants to go home, why is he staying so long on this island, accepting his fate,  giving up after all the trials and tribulations he has been through?
Maybe he's just tired of fighting.
On this ageless island where time seems to have stopped, Odysseus is recreating the feeling of home, convincing himself that a happy eternal life  with Calypso is possible.

The Sane Asylum

When the world feels crazy, come inside

The Sane Asylum.

A night of music, performance, and dance.

Hosted across four rooms in a Victorian House,

right in the heart of London.

The Sane Asylum is an international collective of artists bringing you some creative sanity during these insane times. We invite you to let go, observe, take part and ask the big questions.

Performances from:

Georgia Van Etten with Artie & Jake Zaitz

Astrid Alben

Holly Rush

Rowan Somerville

Nataline Daycreator

Sample Answer

Orang Collectif

and many more!

The Sane Asylum was co-produced by Orang Collectif, #HOPO (Fausta Joly) & Lemniscate III

26 Oct 2018

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